"After a first treatment I was so improved, it now seems unbelievable that I was planning to have surgery." John Trevz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I highly recommend Structural Integration as part of a balanced athletic training regimen for cycling, running or triathlon." David Tighe Whitaker, Braddock Heights, Maryland

"Structural Integration has been useful to me in an effort to improve my overall health. It has made me much more aware of my own body and how it works as a whole." Terry Pazmino, Berwyn Heights, Maryland

"I was born with badly pronated feet and had a severe structural twist. Through working with Priscilla, I have come to experience balance in ways I had not known were possible." Ty Russel, Columbia, Maryland

"I would very highly recommend Priscilla to anyone willing to undergo transformation and embrace vitality." Joannie Tang, Seattle, Washington

"I tell my friends that a session with Priscilla is a miracle; like going to Lourdes!" Nicolas Royet, Washington, DC

"I've used a lot of therapies -- massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy -- but I wanted to try Rolfing as well. Priscilla's work was the deepest tissue work I've ever experienced. Her work on scar tissue was just fantastic. She released some deep adhesions/bands that I've had for years and immediately reduced the pain levels in my body. My sessions with her have changed the way I breathe and the way I use and hold my arms/shoulders. She is so focused and intuitive during each session which runs about 2 hours. My experience with her has been amazing." Linette

"I really can't thank you enough for how you change my life. After your dedicated hard work you provided me the opportunity to walk and play on numerous golf courses in Ireland this fall. After completing all our sessions I felt 10 years younger. With deep appreciation, John." John

In 2008, I was in a fender bender and suffered lower back and neck injuries. The ensuing years of physical therapy didn't provide full mobility nor alleviate the chronic pain in the back of my neck nor did it do anything for my perpetually tight shoulders.

Additionally, I had chronic lower back pain and after completing another two months of physical therapy which ended in the summer of 2012, and only provided temporary relief for pain in my lower back, I decided to try structural integration to see if it would be more effective than physical therapy.

I arrived at Mrs. Soto's office in the fall of 2012, when pain was radiating from my lower back down to the bottom of my right foot and walking was slow and painful. I received ten sessions and after the very first session, to my wonder and delight, Mrs. Soto unlocked my neck and shoulder muscles. From that session to present, I have had full mobility in my neck. My neck, back and shoulder muscles that suffered the bulk of the injuries sustained in the car accident have remained where Mrs. Soto put them. They have ceased to lock up on me and those formerly chronic areas of pain are gone. My gait and posture have improved 100%, and I feel healthier and better than I did before my accident.

If you have chronic tension and pain any where in your body and you have tried all sorts of physical therapy to no avail, try structural integration. I highly recommend that you receive assistance from Mrs. Soto because she spends quality time with you and never rushes you in/out of her office. She will take the knots out of your muscles in a way that no other therapeutic modality will. Her skills and technique are priceless and most importantly, the end result is long-lasting, not temporary, like massage. I will caution you that realigning your muscles can be a painful process, but you will be very pleased with the outcome.

It is an honor and a privilige to write this testimony and everything written above is the absolute truth. Ms. Bartley