Priscilla Soto - Bio

I was studying voice in my late teens and early twenties. One of the reasons I had always enjoyed singing was that I had always held my breath and needed an excuse to breathe. My voice teacher recommended Structural Integration because she thought it would help me with my singing and my angst. As a result of Structural Integration, my singing improved and I had fewer aches and pains and better posture. I also emerged with a new sense of my body and of myself.

Over the years, at times when I was experiencing physical setbacks - after a pregnancy or a car accident when I wondered if my body could ever be the same, I would go back to my practitioner for a "tune up" and feel myself again. Ida Rolf said, " The body is a plastic medium", meaning that it can be changed. Through Structural Integration, I have never had to settle with pain or discomfort from an injured or deteriorating body.

When I began approaching forty and began asking myself, "What do I want to be doing that I'm not..." I decided to study in Boulder, Colorado. I am grateful for my experience at the Guild for Structural Integration where I studied with Emmitt Hutchins, Peter Melchior, Nilce Silveira, Judith Roberts, David Davis and others, and I am grateful to the teachers I have taken workshops with since.

I am so passionate about this method and this work! I learn from each person I work with and the changes people have when they get up from the table never cease to amaze me. It is so rewarding to hear my clients describe the benefits they have derived, both physical and personal.

Whatever your goals - better alignment and posture, less pain, better performance in some discipline, or more self awareness, I would be honored to work with you to achieve them. I look forward to meeting and working with you.