Structural Integration by Priscilla Soto

Do you want...

  • ...better posture?
  • ...relief from tension and pain?
  • breathe easier?
  • maximize your workout?
  • move from your core?
  • perform at your best?

Do you want more energy?
Structural Integration is for you

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About Structural Integration

Fascia - also called connective tissue - surrounds the muscles, bones and organs. It gives muscles their shape and the body its structure. The pull of gravity, daily stress and physical injury causes fascia to shorten and become restricted. Misalignment and imbalance results, causing inefficient movement, discomfort, and loss of energy. Read more...

About the Practitioner

I was studying voice in my late teens and early twenties. One of the reasons I had always enjoyed singing was that I had always held my breath and needed an excuse to breathe. My voice teacher recommended Structural Integration because she thought it would help me with my singing and my angst. As a result of Structural Integration, my singing improved and I had fewer aches and pains and better posture. I also emerged with a new sense of my body and of myself. Read more...


"After a first tratment I was so improved, it now seems unbelievable that I was planning to have surgery." - John Trevz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Structural Integration has been useful to me in an effort to improve my overall health. It has made me much more aware of my own body and how it works as a whole." - Terry Pazmino, Berwyn Heights, Maryland


Do want to feel better and have more energy?

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